20 years of experience

Das & Towers is the product of twenty years of experience in the field of telecom towers in Italy. Das & Towers is the perfect partner for small and mid-sized enterprises, public administration authorities and large industrial groups seeking to optimize their infrastructure and offer cutting edge, innovative services.

We are one of Italy’s leaders in telecommunications, in particular in the field of indoor coverage for areas and buildings of social and economic relevance, through the development of DAS (Distributed Antenna System) type systems that allow dedicated telephone coverage in hospitals, shopping centres, office buildings and other large structures.


Scope of intervention

The Service is aimed at facilities that want to provide their customers with the ability to fully use their mobile devices (phones, tablets and PCs) thanks to the best mobile coverage, leveraging their commercial agreements with Italian telephone operators.
With the implementation of 4G and 5G and the spread of increasingly fast smartphones, traditional antenna systems are not suited for providing adequate coverage, especially in crowded environments with high volumes of traffic.

DAS (Distributed Antenna system)

A Distributed Antenna System or DAS is a network of spatially separated systems and nodes connected to a signal transport network in optical fibre or coaxial cable, capable of offering high quality mobile coverage within specific areas, buildings or large scale facilities.

The DAS is directly connected to the telephone network of each mobile operator (e.g. Vodafone, Telecom, WindTre, Iliad) via radio or fibre link.

Customer experience is perfectly integrated with the classic standard mobile coverage. In other words, users on their mobile device outside of the facility will seamlessly continue to use the indoor network provided by the DAS system, without noticing any difference.


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